• Metabolic reaction network-based recursive metabolite annotation for untargeted metabolomics
  • AllCCS: A universal platform for CCS database, CCS calculation and compound annotation
    MetCCS: A web server for the prediction of METABOLITE CCS values
    LipidCCS: A web server for the prediction of LIPID CCS values
    LipidIMMS: A web server to support lipid identifications in IM-MS based lipidomics
    Lipid4DAnalyzer: An updated version of LipidIMMS to support lipidomics from both IM-MS and non-IM-MS instruments
  • Data analysis software for targeted metabolomics using MRM technique
  • Metabolomics data normalization using QC samples
  • Targeted metabolite extraction of multiplexed MS/MS spectra generated by DIA
  • Deconvolution of Multiplexed MS/MS Spectra for Metabolite Identification in SWATH-MS based Untargeted Metabolomics
  • Generating MRM transition from SWATH acquired data
  • Metabolomics data cleaning and differential metabolite discovery​
  • Untargeted metabolomics data analysis with experimental MS/MS spectral library
  • Absolute Quantitative Approach for automated untargeted lipidomics data analysis with predicted lipid MS/MS spectral library